Thanksgiving Gravy Recipes

The best homemade turkey gravy recipes for a great Thanksgiving dinner.

Staff Picks

Chef John's Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy

Rating: 4.54 stars
This make-ahead turkey gravy frees up valuable kitchen time for Thanksgiving, plus it will look and taste even better than those frantic, last-minute versions.

Instant Pot® Pan Juice Gravy

Rating: 4 stars
This gravy uses the natural liquid from chicken, pork, beef, or turkey after it has cooked in the Instant Pot®.

Giblet Gravy

Rating: 4.5 stars
My mother has made this old-fashioned giblet gravy every Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember! It is delicious with turkey and mashed potatoes. Start making this while the turkey is cooking since it requires about two hours of simmering.

Our 9 Best Thanksgiving Gravy Recipes of All Time Will Dress Up Your Holiday Meal

These top-rated gravies will be delicious on your turkey, tofurkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, or anything else you drizzle it on.
By Bailey Fink

The Best Turkey Gravy

Rating: 4.88 stars
This gravy takes a little work but it is sooooooo worth the time and effort.

How to Make Thanksgiving Gravy Ahead of Time

Save time and effort by making Thanksgiving gravy days or even weeks ahead of Thanksgiving.
By Vanessa Greaves

Savory Turkey Gravy

Rating: 4.18 stars
Everyone just loves the spicy taste of this gravy. It's a favorite among my family and friends.

Giblet Gravy II

Rating: 4.55 stars
This old fashioned giblet turkey gravy recipe is very easy to prepare.

Holiday Turkey Gravy

Rating: 4.11 stars
This unique turkey gravy is rich and delicious. Make the stock while your bird roasts; then as it rests, prepare the gravy. My family looks forward to this specialty every year.

Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy with Porcini Mushrooms and Marsala Wine

Rating: 4.53 stars
With this make-ahead gravy on the menu, there's no scrambling to make gravy when the turkey comes out of the oven.

Homemade Turkey Gravy

Rating: 4.85 stars
Homemade turkey gravy made simple!

Best Turkey Gravy

Rating: 4.58 stars
This gravy is something that is a favorite in the family.

Inspiration and Ideas

How To Make Gravy from Turkey Drippings
Learn a few easy tricks to making smooth and savory turkey gravy.
How to Make Thanksgiving Gravy Without Turkey Drippings
No pan drippings? No problem. You can make turkey gravy ahead of time using ingredients you likely have on hand.

Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy

Rating: 4.66 stars

I discovered this excellent Thanksgiving gravy recipe years ago! It is gravy that, unlike most, can be made AHEAD of time. The gravy will keep for 3 months when frozen in an airtight container.