Ever read a trendy menu and ask yourself if someone's pulling your leg? One person did and decided it was pushback time.

Trendy Restaurant
Photo by Keranjang via Pixabay Creative Commons

Making fun of hipster culture isn't anything new, but this Reddit reader was so fed up after encountering the "infuriating menu" at a new bar, that he/she created the Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator, a website that allows users to automatically produce bar menus that sound pretentious yet plausible but, on closer reading, are completely ludicrous. Or are they?

"Lots of the variables in this tool ('acorn' / 'shell bean') were pulled directly from that menu," explains pbeunttz. "I hope this provides you with at least half a chuckle!"

As you generate menu after menu, you'll recognize the usual foodie keywords: rubbed, artisinal, seasonal, and so on. And the ingredients themselves are familiar. But just when you tell yourself "rye with assorted eggplant crumble" sounds like something you'd eat, you come across "awakened orechiette pie" (only $18) and "free-range plum souffle" (a steal at $11).

I mean, look at this:

The Hanover Menu
The Hanover via Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator

At what point did you stop and ask yourself what the what?

The website promises aspiring restauranteurs, "You can use this handy tool to generate a name and menu for your fine establishment – absolutely no imagination necessary!"

Said one Reddit user, "It's basically written my whole business plan for me! See you on Havemeyer!"

But to be fair, foodie culture has brought good things to light. Take for example pork belly. Sure, it's just a big slab of uncured bacon. But according to Foodspin, "pork belly kicks bacon's ass." So if you're ever in doubt of whether or not you're in a hipster eatery, just look for pork belly on the menu. Unless, of course, you're in an Asian restaurant, because they've been doing pork belly for centuries.

Crispy Pork Belly

"Thanks to social media, food bloggers, and celebrity chefs with too much time on their hands, pork belly was/is all the rage. It's a common sight on menus across the land, and you can't channel-surf past a food show without seeing it." Chef John

Crispy Pork Belly
Photo by Chef John

You are so going to want to add this to your hipster foodie cooking cred.