We absolutely love cookies, anywhere, any time of the day. But cookie pancakes for breakfast or brunch are an especially sweet way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or the weekend! Here are 5 super yummy recipes you've got to try.

Peanut butter lovers are gonna go nuts for this rich combo of rolled oats, flour, cinnamon, brown sugar and a healthy helping of that star ingredient of a PB & J. Oh, and did we mention chocolate chips and M&M's on top? Plus, a peanut butter "syrup"! The key to getting the thick batter to cook through is to set the temp to medium and use an extra large spatula to flip 'em.

Brownies and chocolate chip cookies are one of the most amazing mashups ever invented. And now, the pancake version takes this match-up straight to genius town. Drizzle chocolate syrup over your short stack, whipped cream on top.

The childhood memories are going to flow like Cherry Kool-Aid on a sizzling summer day when you stick a forkful of this cinnamon-y pancake in your watering mouth. So simple, with the spices taking a neutral pancake to a warm and cozy place.

650 x 465 Snickerdoodle pancake photo by Vicky McDonald

Rustic grains make such a great foundation to show off the caramel-y quality of butterscotch chips. Maple syrup is the right choice with these filling pancakes, though you could skip that topping and go with sprinkling a little powdered sugar over the plate.

650 x 465 oatmeal scotchie pancakes photo by Vicky McDonald
Photo by Vicky McDonald

The review from Allstar KZrod says it all: "I made these super fun pancakes for my three littles this morning they tasted great and the kids kept saying 'Are we eating cake for breakfast mama?' everyone loved them!"

650 x 465 Funfetti Pancakes photo by Vicky McDonald
Photo by Vicky McDonald

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